Horse Play

It’s Colonel Tick-Tock Time! In this week’s Thrilling Adventure Hour, we’re teased by the episode name “Horse Play,” as the good Colonel visits Casanova to learn a thing or two about romancing the ladies. Yeah, ladies, that’s what we’re going with.

I wasn’t actually thrilled with the opening. The jokey homophobia combined with the jokey Italian-American stereotypes made me think that maybe this was some sort of Jersey Shore parody, but I really don’t think so.

This bit was short-lived anyway, as Colonel Tick-Tock was called to the Trojan War to cure a man with the Deja Flu. The sick man’s job was to deliver a wooden horse full of Greek soldiers, but he kept spouting spoilers and the historical defeat nearly didn’t happen. The Colonel also had to battle Captain Hourglass, a pirate who defends the heart of time (and the characters acknowledge in-script that this doesn’t make much sense).

Overall, not my favorite episode of Thrilling Adventure Hour, but tune in next week!

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