The Conquering Hero

Before we get to this month’s Red Panda Adventure, Greg Taylor wants us to know that Mask of the Red Panda is now in stores.

English: red panda

English: red panda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We open with Kit interviewing Andy Parker for the Chronicle, and I’m happy because that means Parker (and hopefully his Rangers) made it home safe from the war. Parker is unhappy because he was rotated home to sell bonds, while men are still on the front risking their lives. When Kit reveals that she’s married to Gus, Parker is shocked but willing to help; when he calls her “Mrs. August Fenwick,” she calls that “a little proprietary for my taste” and I grin and give her a mental high-five. Hyphenated wives unite!

Kit asks Parker if he knows anything about Harry Kelly. I think we all hold our breath for a moment. We know he’s alive! In the Netherlands, and writing his mother! What a relief. And it sounds like maybe Parker knows something.

Red Panda and a few Red Knights meet Parker at night. After dismissing (and then explaining) the Knights, Red Panda and Parker discuss the state of the Agents and whether Parker is re-joining (probably!). And then Parker reveals that Harry’s letters home place him Parker’s own unit — where he most definitely was not!

Add to that a distress call from Mac Tully — who wouldn’t send one out unless the situation were dire — and it looks like the Red Panda is heading back to Europe!

Well, the action is, anyway, as we go to a unit at war talking about a Nazi Plasma Cannon. And here come the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel!

We break for a commercial for Night of the Red Panda, the upcoming Red Panda comic arc.

Tully, along with Tank Brody, welcomes Panda and Squirrel to the unit, and apologizes for his distress call. He reviews the info from Harry’s letters and confirms that it’s probably fake — if it was real, it would never have made it past the censors. Mac and Tank expect that, given Harry’s background, he’s probably a spy. But in the short terms, Panda and Squirrel are going to help Mac and Tank take out the Nazi ray guns!

But the headquarters is surrounded by magic, because of course it is. The team find a door, Flying Squirrel takes out the guard, and away they go.

The team explores the building, wondering how such a desolate, isolated place could access enough power to operate the weapons, when they stumble upon a shockingly stable rift between their universe and one of pure energy. Magic, science, and alien tech, all in one!

And there’s a broadcast power array, sending the energy to wherever the Nazis need it. As confirmed by a Nazi scientist who confronts Our Heroes.  Red Panda reveals that he broke the great machine, at which point the scientist panics and runs, as do our team.

…And we still don’t know where Harry Kelly is.

Tune in next time!

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