Baron Lightworker’s Party

Do you want to see the Thrilling Adventure Hour live? Tickets are on sale.  And there’s going to be a crossover event with Welcome to Night Vale at Emerald City Comic Con!

This week’s Thrilling Adventure is an episode of Desdemona Hughes, Diva Detective. I haven’t made it through the whole archive, so this show is new to me.


Crimefilm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betty, Desdemona’s sister, monologues to open the show, explaining that the sisters are show business veterans in the pre-Depression era. As the action begins, Desdemona practices some disguises on her sister, before announcing that they are going to attend a great party, thrown by Baron Lightworker. Maybe Betty will meet a man!

Betty may well be allergic to the baron, who once worked with Desdemona. Des asks Betty to hold her purse, and that means a mystery is afoot.

The fellow Betty was interested in has been strangled! The butler is questioned. After all, everyone knows butlers are notorious murderers!

Des comes out disguised as a doctor and diagnoses the butler with arthritis, so therefore he could not have strangled the victim! So who dunnit?

Now Des comes out disguised as an Irishman. She flirts with a starlet who has attended the party; the flirting causes trouble with the actress’s boyfriend — who is also angry at her other boyfriend. Des reveals herself, and points out that the couple has no motive (which… doesn’t quite work, but sure).

And here comes Des disguised as… the dead victim! Except, no! Des was disguised as her own boyfriend! So… it’s the victim himself who is questioning the baron! The baron confesses, and oh! It was Des disguised as the ghost! And the boyfriend was playing along! And I’m not having as much fun as I think I’m supposed to!

Betty takes us out with another monologue about how great her sister is. And I hope next week brings us a better show.

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