The show opens with a note from creator Joseph Fink (or is it? He has so many voices…) reminding us to check out a live show, and that Welcome to Night Vale will be at Emerald City Comic Con, including a live crossover with Thrilling Adventure Hour. Also, check out the previous live episode, “Condos”, and the fun stuff in the store.*

Cecil reflects on some of the constants in town. There are lights in the sky. The sun rises and sets and usually makes a great noise in the process. And WZZZ, the local numbers station, broadcasts a woman’s voice reading seemingly random numbers.

Except the numbers station changed.

She repeated “41” a few times, and then the numbers stopped.

The numbers resume, in a different format: not numbers at all. Descriptions of nature and reflections on images of freedom.  Is it just me, or does she sound a little like Intern Dana? Anyway, she’s tired of numbers.

The numbers lady is now singing Katy Perry‘s “Roar“.  Badly. So Cecil wants to sing on his show. I approve.

Deutsch: Katy Perry beim Live-Konzert im Postb...

Deutsch: Katy Perry beim Live-Konzert im Postbahnhof in Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Numbers Lady reveals that she has chosen a new name: Fey. She doesn’t know why she is reading the numbers, just that she is supposed to. And as she says this, she begins reading the numbers again. She decides she needs a car so that she can escape. Then she begins singing fun.’s “We Are Young“.  Badly. Cecil may or may not be sympathizing over her situation.

Cecil breaks out of his own station and heads over to the broadcasting tower that WZZZ uses. There’s a bunker right by it, which he breaks into.  The bunker is empty, except for a computer.

Is Fey the computer? Is the computer Fey?

In other news, Mayor Pamela Winchell had been calling press conferences. She clearly is trying to make the most of the last three months of her term.

Also, Cecil gets an email from Intern Dana, and my eyes narrow at the coincidence. Anyway, she’s trying to avoid the mountain (which I’m not sure is Cecil believes in at this point) and its blinking light. “Trying” seems to be the key word. Don’t forget: running and screaming don’t typically help.

Sometimes Dana finds herself back in Night Vale, but no one can see or hear her. Is she in the station right now?! Dana also reports on the Great Masked Figures, who are getting closer to her. She claims she is not afraid; Cecil thinks she’s lying.

Huh. Apparently the Man in the Tan Jacket also delivered a ranting monologue and I promptly forgot it.  He’s so good at that.

The Weather is Keep It Comin’ by Senim Silla. I liked it well enough, but I don’t think I’ll be hunting down the single on iTunes. I could see it becoming a summer hit or maybe ending up a Zumba routine if it went mainstream.

*Note, I don’t get any kickbacks from these links.  Yet. But if anyone wants to throw me a referral link, I wouldn’t say no…

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