Wild Speculation: Dana Part 1

In the Welcome to Night Vale episode “Numbers“, two major things happen: Cecil investigates the numbers station, where Fey wishes for freedom (and may or may not be an AI), and Cecil receives an email from Intern Dana.

Français : Vue de la vallée de Dana

Français : Vue de la vallée de Dana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personally, I thought Fey and Dana sounded similar; combined with the fact that Dana feels physically drawn to the mountain and may or may not be on another plane of existence, I propose that Fey is Dana.

We know that Dana can interact with the people of Night Vale — she shows up on the radio show sometimes — but that they cannot see or hear her. Is it possible that, rather than Fey being the computer, she is merely sitting at the computer, but Cecil cannot see her? Or, perhaps Dana/Fey is trapped elsewhere, physically, and the computer is just a transmitter, perhaps intended to throw people like Cecil off the scent.

It’s Night Vale, after all.  Perhaps Dana is trapped inside the computer. Why not?

So that’s my wild spec: Dana is Fey. But I actually had an idea that takes it a step further.  But you’ll have to wait a bit for that. In the meantime, do you agree? Disagree? Show your work, but I want to hear your thoughts!

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