The Heart is a Lonely Haunter

Ben Blacker announces the show is coming to New York on May 10. Crap, I’m going to miss it. Sounds amazing, too.* Also, he discusses the Night Vale crossover, of which I was so looking forward to hearing a recording. Except they lost the recording. But they’re doing the show again! This year! (Come to New York! I bet I can recruit a posse!)


Then, we start the show! It’s an episode of Beyond Belief, which is a segment I enjoy, so hopefully it’ll be better than a certain past episode.


Frank and Sadie Doyle, upper-crust mediums (media?) are drinking.  Of course. They discuss taking a day off from doing things, which they generally try to avoid anyway.

A knock on the door interrupts, but they decide to resolutely ignore it. This lasts about 45 seconds. It could be a puppy! A puppy capable of knocking! (there’s also an awkward Eskimo joke I’m less thrilled with).

But it’s just Cupid. He’s here because of Penelope Pepperdine, with whom he is in love. He didn’t want to use his arrows — that would be cheating — but that didn’t work, so he shot her after all. But with Diana’s arrows.  She died. Of course. Now he wants to jump off the Doyles’ balcony, so he can go to Hades and bring back Penelope’s spirit. Then he changes his mind and decides to get revenge on Diana — who then shows up.

Diana and Cupid

Diana and Cupid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She insults and threatens the Doyles.  Frank wants satisfaction, but Sadie wants her night off, so they give Cupid five minutes to take care of business.

The Doyles decide to grab another drink, and adjourn to one of their huge liquor cabinets, just as Mercury shows up. He was the one to switch the bows and arrows! Frank and Sadie tell Cupid and Diana about the prank. They agree to unite in war against Mercury… and then Diana shoots Mercury with one of Cupid’s arrows, and Mercury proceeds to fall madly in love with Cupid.  Less homophobic than I feared but still played for laughs. But it would have been played for laughs if it had been heterosexual, too, I suppose, so OK. Besides, those Greek/Roman gods will screw anything.

Sadie manages to talk Mercury into going to Hades to bring back Penelope, even though it’s counter to his interests. Mercury also gives Diana her arrows back, and the gods all leave.

Frank and Sadie serenade each other, and return to their drinks.


Yes, that was much better.



*I’m not getting paid to put these links up. Yet. If the TAA folks want to change that, I’m listening…

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