Reign of the Rocketmen

We jump right into the action this month.

The show opens with Mr. Cullen, the owner of a large collection of gemstones, talking to Mr. Knox, an auctioneer, about their upcoming sale.  Cullen foreshadowingly plans to invest the proceeds into aeronautics.

Suddenly, Rocketmen attack! The head Rocketman, Lyle Fawcett, threatens the two men with a P3X Neutralizer gun — a weapon that incapacitates, but does not kill, by setting off all the body’s pain sensors at once.  The Rocketmen steal the gems.

Over at the Chronicle, owner August Fenwick greets editor Tim Pearly, as Pearly is yelling for Kit Baxter-Fenwick, his ace reporter and Fenwick’s wife.  Gus has brought Kit lunch.  Pearly wants Kit to investigate the Rocketman story, since every other paper has the same information the Chronicle does, and he wants more, an exclusive. Gus’s labs at Fenwick Industries have taken over the Doc Rocket research, since Wentworth James, the Doc’s alter ego and Gus’s old friend, is busy with the war effort. As a result, Gus happens to have schematics of rocketpacks in his labs. The Fenwicks exchange some tit for tat — expertise for the paper’s evening edition, and eyewitness accounts to  help the scientists.

Fawcett talks to a Mr. Buckley their plans. Fawcett is getting greedy. Buckley wants to lay low like they had originally planned.  This out to foreshadow the episode’s conclusion nicely.

English: red panda

English: red panda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Flying Squirrel walks in on The Red Panda working on the Red Knights. The robots talk back, a habit they picked up from Squirrel. Squirrel is annoyed that Panda is too busy working on Knights to stop a Rocketmen swarm. Panda notes that the past robberies were complex and precise, but this one was a bank — well done but not as sophisticated as usual, which means they are getting cocky, and thus predictable. Panda reverse-engineered the rocket packs, and combined with Doc Rocket’s tech, he made himself and Squirrel some rocket packs. Squirrel is overjoyed — hers has a missile. Romance isn’t dead.

Commercial break means bathroom and tea break. While I refresh, Greg Taylor promotes Red Panda Adventures Comics,  the Mask of the Red Panda trade and Night of the Red Panda serial.*

Back to the show. Fawcett and his Rocketmen enter their next crime scene, looking for a large emerald.  Buckley discovers that emerald is a baseball, painted up green and sparkly to serve as bait. Buckley is the smart one, isn’t he?  As Fawcett rants, Red Panda makes his entrance. Fawcett tries to zap panda with the P3X, but he instead shoots the hallucinations that Panda likes to emit at villains.  Panda reveals that what he knows about Fawcett: he was a contractor for the U.S. Defense Department. The government rejected his designs for being too impractical.

The Red Knights file in, and the Rocketmen take off. Squirrel and the Knights follow the Rocketmen while Panda goes for Fawcett. The flying squirrel does love her flying, and she doesn’t mind leading the bots, either. She attacks and captures Buckley.

Red Panda finds Fawcett and taunts him a little. Fawcett cares more about proving that his designs work than about the actual loot. Panda points out that, in general, guns are effective because of the fear of death, not the fear of pain. Fawcett shoots panda. Panda fights it off the effects, then takes out Fawcett.

As he packages the villain for trial, Panda advises Fawcett to use his gifts for the peace effort, but Fawcett vows revenge.

Tune in next time!

*As usual, I don’t make anything from these links, although I’d be willing to! I’ll let you know if that changes.


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