The Hidden Almanac for 2014-05-21

A happy and blessed Feast of St. Whippetus to you all! He’s portrayed as a greyhound, and is favored by greyhound rescue organizations! Can I get an icon of him, please?

English: Brindle greyhound

English: Brindle greyhound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In today’s Hidden Almanac, Rev. Mord told us about some interesting events that occurred on this date in history: in 1984, a kombucha culture achieved sentience and escaped; seven years ago, a rhino and a hippo got married; the currency stamp rebellion was founded (no year given).

In the garden, cat mint is blooming, which doesn’t actually mean anything.

Today’s sponsors were Red Wombat Tea Company, and Sven’s Live Cat Traps.

Confidential to Dave: Happy birthday!


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