The Heart is a Lonely Haunter

Ben Blacker announces the show is coming to New York on May 10. Crap, I’m going to miss it. Sounds amazing, too.* Also, he discusses the Night Vale crossover, of which I was so looking forward to hearing a recording. Except they lost the recording. But they’re doing the show again! This year! (Come to New York! I bet I can recruit a posse!)


Then, we start the show! It’s an episode of Beyond Belief, which is a segment I enjoy, so hopefully it’ll be better than a certain past episode.


Frank and Sadie Doyle, upper-crust mediums (media?) are drinking.  Of course. They discuss taking a day off from doing things, which they generally try to avoid anyway.

A knock on the door interrupts, but they decide to resolutely ignore it. This lasts about 45 seconds. It could be a puppy! A puppy capable of knocking! (there’s also an awkward Eskimo joke I’m less thrilled with).

But it’s just Cupid. He’s here because of Penelope Pepperdine, with whom he is in love. He didn’t want to use his arrows — that would be cheating — but that didn’t work, so he shot her after all. But with Diana’s arrows.  She died. Of course. Now he wants to jump off the Doyles’ balcony, so he can go to Hades and bring back Penelope’s spirit. Then he changes his mind and decides to get revenge on Diana — who then shows up.

Diana and Cupid

Diana and Cupid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She insults and threatens the Doyles.  Frank wants satisfaction, but Sadie wants her night off, so they give Cupid five minutes to take care of business.

The Doyles decide to grab another drink, and adjourn to one of their huge liquor cabinets, just as Mercury shows up. He was the one to switch the bows and arrows! Frank and Sadie tell Cupid and Diana about the prank. They agree to unite in war against Mercury… and then Diana shoots Mercury with one of Cupid’s arrows, and Mercury proceeds to fall madly in love with Cupid.  Less homophobic than I feared but still played for laughs. But it would have been played for laughs if it had been heterosexual, too, I suppose, so OK. Besides, those Greek/Roman gods will screw anything.

Sadie manages to talk Mercury into going to Hades to bring back Penelope, even though it’s counter to his interests. Mercury also gives Diana her arrows back, and the gods all leave.

Frank and Sadie serenade each other, and return to their drinks.


Yes, that was much better.



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Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Corpse

This week’s Thrilling Adventure Hour is an episode of Beyond Belief.

Frank and Sadie Doyle, upper-crust mediums (media?) are drinking.  Of course.  Sadie has an emergency — she can’t find her beverage. Frank shares his, then looks forward to making some fancy cocktails. Sadie suggest Bloody Marys, and after they go back and forth on the topic (while standing in front of a mirror they drunkenly confuse for a portrait), they say the phrase enough times that Bloody Mary herself makes an appearance.

Frank questions the logic of myth, but Mary doesn’t really know — she seems to remember drowning her children, but she’s not sure. Anyway, now she scares kids.

Sadie wants to chat with Mary because she likes people named for drinks, and vice-versa, so she agrees to let Mary scare her. She and Frank then exaggeratedly try to sell their fright, buy Mary seems to be buying it, even though they’re sort of laughing their asses off the whole time.

Frank offers Mary a drink, and she is eager to spend time with adults for a change.

After a few drinks, Mary shares some gossip about the young kids she scares, and how much she kind of hates kids in general. Then, drunk, they try to dot he Bloody Mary game — with Mary herself. So it doesn’t really work.

Another slumber party is summoning her, but before she goes, Frank and Sadie suggest a slumber party of their own. They help Mary try to resist the pull, but that results in a group of teenage girls getting pulled into the Doyles’ apartment instead. Everyone, adults and kids alike, want the kids to go back where they came from. But Mary can only do that if she goes with them, and she really doesn’t want to.

The Doyles realize they can invite Mary over any time they want just by saying her name in font of the mirror, so Mary heads off to work.

Frank and Sadie feel victorious over the turn of events, even though they’re not really sure why. Oh well, a happy ending is a happy ending.

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Baron Lightworker’s Party

Do you want to see the Thrilling Adventure Hour live? Tickets are on sale.  And there’s going to be a crossover event with Welcome to Night Vale at Emerald City Comic Con!

This week’s Thrilling Adventure is an episode of Desdemona Hughes, Diva Detective. I haven’t made it through the whole archive, so this show is new to me.


Crimefilm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betty, Desdemona’s sister, monologues to open the show, explaining that the sisters are show business veterans in the pre-Depression era. As the action begins, Desdemona practices some disguises on her sister, before announcing that they are going to attend a great party, thrown by Baron Lightworker. Maybe Betty will meet a man!

Betty may well be allergic to the baron, who once worked with Desdemona. Des asks Betty to hold her purse, and that means a mystery is afoot.

The fellow Betty was interested in has been strangled! The butler is questioned. After all, everyone knows butlers are notorious murderers!

Des comes out disguised as a doctor and diagnoses the butler with arthritis, so therefore he could not have strangled the victim! So who dunnit?

Now Des comes out disguised as an Irishman. She flirts with a starlet who has attended the party; the flirting causes trouble with the actress’s boyfriend — who is also angry at her other boyfriend. Des reveals herself, and points out that the couple has no motive (which… doesn’t quite work, but sure).

And here comes Des disguised as… the dead victim! Except, no! Des was disguised as her own boyfriend! So… it’s the victim himself who is questioning the baron! The baron confesses, and oh! It was Des disguised as the ghost! And the boyfriend was playing along! And I’m not having as much fun as I think I’m supposed to!

Betty takes us out with another monologue about how great her sister is. And I hope next week brings us a better show.

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Horse Play

It’s Colonel Tick-Tock Time! In this week’s Thrilling Adventure Hour, we’re teased by the episode name “Horse Play,” as the good Colonel visits Casanova to learn a thing or two about romancing the ladies. Yeah, ladies, that’s what we’re going with.

I wasn’t actually thrilled with the opening. The jokey homophobia combined with the jokey Italian-American stereotypes made me think that maybe this was some sort of Jersey Shore parody, but I really don’t think so.

This bit was short-lived anyway, as Colonel Tick-Tock was called to the Trojan War to cure a man with the Deja Flu. The sick man’s job was to deliver a wooden horse full of Greek soldiers, but he kept spouting spoilers and the historical defeat nearly didn’t happen. The Colonel also had to battle Captain Hourglass, a pirate who defends the heart of time (and the characters acknowledge in-script that this doesn’t make much sense).

Overall, not my favorite episode of Thrilling Adventure Hour, but tune in next week!

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